Monday, 29 December 2014

Thomas Street Studios

Modelling Portfolio Photo Shoots by Thomas Street Studios

Why do I need one?

Every aspiring model needs a portfolio to represent themselves to private clients and agencies. The portfolio is in essence your modelling CV. It is important to have up to date photos and try to have camera experience. If you want to build your experience, talk to local businesses and see if and when they are doing any advertising shoots or events. They may pay you, or they may not, but when a client is looking for a model, they will favour those with experience, just as any employer will.

Thomas Street Studios
Thomas Street Studios, Manchester

What does it Involve?

A portfolio shoot is typically a morning or an afternoon with several outfit changes and a variety of shots. The most important shots to include in any modelling portfolio are head shots and profile shots. These are the foundation of any portfolio and should be presented at the front so that they are seen first. Agencies receive dozens of portfolios every day and will typically only look at the first few shots before making a decision. Before you have your portfolio day, make sure you have planned your outfits and what make up you want. If you don't know, there will be people around to guide you, but it's always best to have a strong idea of what you want to go home with. Remember that once a photo is taken, you can't change it!

How Much does it Cost?

Portfolio shoots are typically paid for by the photos chosen, but some photographers will charge a half day or a day rate. When choosing where to go for your portfolio, make sure that they have done this type of shoot before and know what they are doing. If you know anyone else who has recently had photos taken, talk to them and search online. Thomas Street Studios in Manchester are known for fashion makeovers and portfolio photography. They are also connected to other studios and modelling agencies around the country and can offer advice on taking the next step. You can find out more about Thomas Street Studios and our services on our website. Alternatively you can watch the video below and get in touch with any questions or booking queries. Don't forget to follow the Thomas Street Studios twitter!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Thomas Street Studios Manchester Feedback

Thomas Street Studios Reviews

We had a great November with Halloween shoots and loads of gorgeous men and women coming in for portfolio shoots. Here are some of the emails Thomas Street Studios got back when we asked some of our clients for a little feedback to help us improve our services.

Date: 7/11/14
Shoot Type: Commercial Modelling Portfolio Shoot
Feedback: I decided to make a portfolio aimed at commercial modelling because I read online that it is the biggest bit of the modelling biz. The ten photos I got were pretty good and covered everything I needed to make a proper portfolio. My headshots are the best out of all of them and I'm really excited to hear back from the agencies I sent them to!

Date: 13/11/14
Shoot Type: Family
Feedback: We love the photos and got one blown up and put on canvas to put above our fireplace. Glad we had the idea to come down because the kids are still small and will hopefully enjoy looking at the photos for posterity some day.

Date: 18/11/14
Shoot Type: Body Parts Modelling Portfolio Shoot
Feedback: I wanted a body parts portfolio because I don't think I fit in any other categories of modelling strongly enough to have a good chance and I have really nice hands and feet. Everyone tells me that so it was an easy choice really. I'm hoping to get some catalogue work in 2015 but still need to send my photos to agencies. Too much work!

Thomas Street Studios

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